The People We Serve

Jeevika has involved itself with bonded labour in agriculture initially for strategic reasons. Almost all the bonded labourers are dalits and, in tribal areas, tribals. Only a few are from most backward class communities (OBCs). Hence the people of our concern are the following:

Bonded Labourers
Agricultural Workers
Child Labourers
Other Backward Class Communities
Women in the family of Bonded Labourers
Agricultural Workers

Our Core Group Team

Kiran Kamal Prasad (Overall coordinator)
Ramaswamy M
Vijayalakshmi (Papamma)
Gopal V
Hanumantharayappa (Gowribidanur)
Basavaraj (H.D.Kote)
Gangahanumaiah (Magadi)
Narayanaswamy (Gudibande)
Basavaraj (Bailahongala)