Meeting with Shidlaghatta Tahasildar

Mr. Kiran Kamal Prasad, Overall coordinator of Jeevika, District Coordinator Gopal and Narasimha Murthy Social Media Coordinator together with Jeevika activists of Shidlaghatta taluk gave a courtesy call on G.A. Narayanaswamy, the Tahsildar of Shidlaghatta in his office. The Tahasildar has been very supportive to the Jeevika activists in carrying out the survey of bonded labourers currently going on in the Taluk. Nearly 1000 bonded labourers, 500 in various sericulture factories in the town and 500 in the villages of the Taluk are being reported. The Tahasildar appreciated the work of the Taluk coordinator Ravikumar & the Taluk Women’s coordinator Shashikala. During the half an hour or so the Jeevika team was with the Tahasildar it observed appreciatively the proactive and sympathetic approach of the Tahsildar in responding to various requests that came to him. Kiran Kamal Prasad thanked him for his support for the cause of bonded labour and complimented him for being very humane in dealing with people’s problems.